Weekly Podcast Roundup, May 28th 2010

Some good stuff as always, enjoy!

The warmth of vinyl, uses of compression, the accuracy myth, and
more. Jon Iverson, web monkey for Source Interlink.

This week I am talking to Tranquil
David Thompson, Tranquil are based just down the road from me
in Manchester so I popped down to chat with David about them returning
to developing Media Center systems as well as their Windows Home Server
solutions. I also have a round up of the weeks news including new
Windows Media Center remote control apps for WebOS and Windows Phone 7

The big show is back!  Episode 78 is here to answer your questions and
help you along with your Media Center experience.  This week we focus on
a few more advanced questions that can get new Media Center users
twisted.  Hopefully you’ll find something useful while listening. 
You’ll find links to the different software we talk about down below.

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Once we get through all the Google talk, there’s still plenty of news including the truth about HDTV specs and testing, a new version of SageTV and good & bad news for some Comcast subscribers. Then it’s on to the potential of holographic broadcasts in just 12 years and the first 3D blu-ray announced for retail in the U.S. If you prefer your movies digitally, we’re trying to figure out the potential of $30 early releases, before moving on to the latest Watch Instantly update and Best Buy’s new VOD outlet.

The latest developments in 3D and the importance of Blu-ray players supporting 3D video.

I think I can say that we have a great show lined up this week folks. 
Those who normally join us live might have noticed we weren’t there this
past Tuesday.  That can happen when you need to conserve bandwidth so
you can have two great guests join you to discuss their HTPCs and how
they use Media Center.  Skype and Ustream both need upload and at times
like these, there can be only one.  But it was completely worth it.

The FCC will allow your cable company to disable your ports! Netflix streaming to your PC in HD! Hacking your AppleTV will allow external storage, Firefox, codecs, and more! And the Blu-ray releases for May 25th, 2010.