HBO Go Brings Premium Content Streaming…for TV Subscribers Only


Pretty cool offering here from HBO, currently only for Comcast and Verizon Fios HBO subscribers, but still a great sign as companies continue to believe in the online digital world. I don’t even mind that you need an HBO subscription, since it’s a great and fast way for subscribers to catch up or be introduced to shows they maybe missed with their DVRs.



Premium cable service HBO has finally taken the wraps off HBO Go, a Web-based streaming video service that carries the channel’s exclusive movies and content. And, even better, it’s free…at least, if you’re already paying to be a subscriber to HBO or Cinemax. The service marks an added value HBO is hoping will convince consumers to stick with pricey premium television services even during a tough economy, rather than waiting for HBO-exclusive content to trickle down to DVD rental services like Netflix or even (gasp!) public libraries.