Neuros LINK – $300 Internet TV Set-Top / Entertainment PC

Sounds like an interesting little box for $300. Lots of potential. I’m no Linux person, but it’d be interesting to see what those who are manage to do with this device.


A quick once over reveals that Neuros is intent on jumping on the
Internet TV bandwagon by releasing a set-top capable of providing
access to content from popular online video portals like Hulu, YouTube,
Fancast, NBC, CNN, CBS, and others. The kicker is they’re following ZeeVee’s Zviewer approach
by offering a custom browser-based content portal to navigate media
from the various providers; BUT the system is also being bundled with a
slew of popular free open-source software (MPlayer, VLC, Xine) on top a
full installation of Ubuntu 8.10!
As you can imagine, the potential of this living room friendly, HD
capable $300 box is seemingly endless — if you’re comfortable playing
in the Linux environment.