Dark Knight Blu-ray scratches surface of BD-Live potential

BD Live has a lot of potential, if used properly. Based on Ars’ look at the BD Live features on the Dark Knight, it looks like movie studios are heading in the right direction.


The most noteworthy addition that BD-Live brings to the table is the
ability to record and then upload your own commentary for the film. To
do this, you’ll need to tell Warner you’re interested and you’ll then
get another e-mail with a link that goes to your content creation
screen. After installing a small program you can watch the film
streaming on your computer while recording your thoughts via webcam.
The servers are already filmed with fans of the movie who have done
this, and it’s fascinating to watch other people’s comments on
different scenes. The video shows up very large on the screen however,
making it hard to simply watch the movie while the commentary is going