AnyDVD HD converting to subscription model in 2009

If you were on the fence about purchasing AnyDVD for your Blu-ray ripping needs, you will want to get your pruchase in before the end of the year. Starting in 2009 Slysoft will be moving to a yearly subscription fee rather then unlimited lifetime upgrades. If you purchase now, you can still qualify for lifetime upgrades. Not only that, they have a 20% off sale going on.

It not hard to see why they went to a subscription based product, sooner or later their purchase rate starts to drop and revenue starts to drop. I am not terribly keen on paying a yearly fee for products. I am more apt to pay an upgrade fee if a new version comes out that I want features on.

Floppy Head

No pricing has been announced and no date has been set for the transition. At least Slysoft has made the announcement ahead of time so you can still purchase a copy of AnyDVD HD with lifetime updates for free. For current owners of AnyDVD, upgrades will continue to be free. If you have been contemplating buying AnyDVD, now is a great time to buy.