Albatron Mini-ITX Evolves – KI780G On Display

While Mini-ITX will be a bit more expensive than its mATX or ATX bretheren, Tweak Town had a chance to review the Albatron KI780G motherboard and it seems to pack a very large punch into a very small package.  If you want to built a physically tiny frontend, this is a good board to check out.  They even ran some multimedia tests.  Yay.


While VIA may have invented the Mini-ITX market, they sure don’t own it and with boards like the KI780G things are looking good. Compared to an EPIA board, you can choose you own CPU, memory and it’s just that simple. Upgrading is possible on the Albatron board while the CPU is a fixed feature on the VIA board. Where the VIA board is more suited to a car PC that you set and forget, the digital PC and home theater option is more the Albatron KI780G’s aim.