CntrStg at CES 2009 – Improves Communication Between Companies and Influential Bloggers

Austin, TX —Sept. 17, 2008— The 2009 International
Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest consumer technology
tradeshow, marks the launch of CntrStg, (, pronounced
“CenterStage”), an independent blogger lounge designed to promote focused
discussions and improved communication on the topics that matter most to both
bloggers and technology companies. Not only will CntrStg be the single place
for bloggers and corporations to meet face-to-face during CES 2009, it is
expected to become a standard feature of all large industry events and


by 15-year veteran blogger Steven Hughes, and fellow online community leaders,
Eric Hicks, Mike Temporale and Johan van Mierlo, CntrStg is a proactive,
community-led effort that strives to match up influential bloggers with
representatives of products and companies in order to drive meaningful
interaction, discussion and word-of-mouth referral. CntrStg actively represents
the wants and needs of bloggers, allowing them to better interact with
companies, their products and associated messages.  CntrStg also provides a centralized,
controlled environment for companies and product managers to share their
message with interested and engaged audiences through direct, meaningful


is not only a lounge for bloggers to relax, but also a place to network and get
work done. Most important, CntrStg features a presentation space that enables companies
chosen by the community to speak on topics and products that are important to
them.  Sponsored by HP, CntrStg provides
a location for corporate marketers to make live announcements to bloggers who
will then share the news with established audiences.


bloggers and influencers are the ones who drive the buzz and get CES news out
to the buying public,” said Hughes.  “CntrStg
ensures a steady flow of content to bloggers and secures a ready outlet for
companies’ news.  Through the setting and
process we have designed, CntrStg places the spotlight on both those presenting,
as well as the influencers attending, by providing focused discussions and
improving communication.”


attendees will select the companies to present at CntrStg by polling the
community, ensuring all interactions return value to both the blogging
community and the selected product marketers. By streamlining the process of
reaching bloggers and offering the additional benefit of chartered transportation,
CntrStg makes it easy to arrange a time and place for bloggers and companies to


community leaders, bloggers, and podcasters are welcome to register for free at
the CntStg web site, the place for bloggers and corporations to
meet during CES 2009. To register or learn more, please visit