Are Media Center Appliances In Our Future?

Chris Lanier recently got a tip that suggests just that! It certainly makes sense that Media Center could be crammed into any sort of device including TVs, Extenders, kitchen ‘puters, automobiles and even fridges. The large UI is a natural for remote & touchscreen navigation.

Chris’ article is pretty vague because the information he has at this time is pretty vague. It is hard to make any sort of assumptions until you know what the device is. I would guess this is some sort of WHS box that would be a centeral hub of the house that should include plug & play for both sat and cable TV providers. Only time will tell.

Chris Lanier

Looking at this from the outside with no information on what it planned, I still say such a product would fail to reach the mass market. Now for the enthusiasts, power user, and custom-install channel this could be a great move. That brings up another question, is Microsoft shifting their focus for Media Center from developing for the “mass market” to developing for enthusiasts, power users, and the custom install channel.