QUiiQ Movies Update

Personally, I think there is room in the Media Center world for a commercial movie library. I am not sure QUiiQ fits the bill as I just can’t much information regarding their product and how it works. They do offer try before you buy if you are interested in giving it a spin. Their latest update focuses on getting their Xbox 360 functions working (I have no idea if it is for the dashboard or for the extender portion).

Forum link that explains the new release

Yesterday (02-05-2008) we released in our website a new QuiiQ MOVIES "version".
The version number wasn’t changed but some fixes were made.

1 – The import DVD to XBOX 360 feature now finds the movie in the DVD in a more precise way (it takes a bit longer to validate the DVD). The sonny arcos protection isn’t broken yet see the post http://quiiq.createmybb2.com/showthread….135#pid135 for more information about this protection.

2 – Changing covers in QuiiQ MOVIES Collection Manager to a movie was limited by the cover size (the web service wasn’t able to receive images bigger than 1/2 mb). this is now fixed.