Getting Your IPTV On

PVRWire has a couple of posts relating to online TV services today. First up, Hulu has announced they are ready to go public.


Online video site Hulu officially launches tomorrow. The site which was founded as an online content distribution clearinghouse for NBC and News Corp TV shows, movies, and clips, has added a ton of content partners over the last few months. And when it emerges from private beta tomorrow, there will be a few more, including:

Second up Babelgum has announced they will setup a $15 million dollar investment for independent films.


Babelgum may have started its life as a Joost-killer, but since Joost doesn’t really seem to be catching on with the general public, it’s not clear that anyone really needs to kill it. But while Joost is still working to sign major TV networks and movie studios as content partners, Babelgum appears to have given up on that endeavor and has instead created a $15 million fund to invest in independent films.