SageDCT - Public Release

Feb 05 2011

Two weeks ago I teased SageTV users with a screenshot of a Copy-Freely CableCARD content recording.  As tough as it might have been to wait; it's now over and I think SageDCT is stable enough to share with everyone.

For those who don't have the hardware, but are interested in seeing SageDCT in action.  I made a short video demonstrating how quickly channel changes are executed.

Enjoy Smile


Man that is bloody fast! Way to go Andrew, I'm sure there are a lot of people who will be switching to SageTV now that they can actually USE it Wink (for cableCARD tv that is)

Man I wish I could use it. Stupid cable provider here marks everything with drm!! Seriously why do they still have the right to mark whatever they want amazes me. I am fine with premiums being marked but come on everything but locals is just ridicilious. COX SUCKS!!!

rant over nice job Andy.


looks great, it is great that you got this working.


this with their extenders makes SageTV a real competitor to the WMC ecosystem

If you have DRM free cable it isn't a competitor but a winner. Full Blu ray hd audio, native dvd playback and cablecard on a silent fanless hd300 extender==priceless. Did i mention COX sucks!! Wink


If you have DRM free cable it isn't a competitor but a winner. Full Blu ray hd audio, native dvd playback and cablecard on a silent fanless hd300 extender==priceless. Did i mention COX sucks!! Wink

LOL.  Have you tried calling them?

I'm impressed with the channel changing appears to be faster than my InfiniTV.

Of course, this is still useless to me at this point....Oh how I love to hate DRM.

That looks amazing!! Remind me though, this requires a second dedicated WMC box with the cablecard, right?

Anyone know of a good place to find out if my local fios, or cablevision in long island is copyfreely? Just the knowledge that this would work for me is a dangerous motivator to find reasons to convince my wife that we should 'retire' an (not-so)old computer.




There's no interaction w/ MC.  You can run it across the network if you want to though Smile

okay-- so how do we get this to work in sage?  I ran the app--did the discovery, generated the mmc lines for the properties file, copied them into the file, added tuner 4 as a configured source-- but it won't actually tune anything.

I'm running the latest beta firmware.

Am I doing something wrong?


Did you assign an EPG lineup?

I did.  Selected the appropriate one, then ran a channel scan.  The scan found hundreds of channels-- but I don't think it was right.  It only took about 20 seconds for the scan, and they all show up in the lineup as "OK" and I can't preview any of them even though their signal shows 100%.  Also, I verified all of my channels are copy-free.

Does this only work in Sage7 or are their plugins I need to run?

It will only work in V7 because of changes required to Sage that will probably not be backported to V6-.

Preview and scanning don't work (I think that's true of all network encoders).  Just add the entries, set the lineup then go to the Guide and it should work.

Maybe I installed things wrong.  Does SageDCT get installed on the client PC or the PC that physically has the tuner installed?

I'm trying to use Sage to tune my #4 tuner on a laptop.  This laptop previously had #4 working via the network share on this same laptop.

SageDCT should be installed on the same PC as the card.

Thanks.  I started thinking that was the case after reading what SageDCT was doing.

I'll try it tomorrow.

BTW, Doritos Finger licking commercial was the best SuperBowl commercial BY FAR!

Only the Ceton card is supported correct?


Awesome, now if Ceton could just get production going. 


Andy, will you make this compatible with the HDHomerun Prime when its released?

I'd like to.

Considering you can't really gets your hands on either but you can buy ATIs on ebay any chance on supporting those? Its what I have until something else isn't 4-6 month wait.

The ATI DCT would require a firmware update to work.  Since they are EOL, it's very unlikely that will ever happen.

I know you don't need to use Windows Media Center, but do you need windows 7 to load the drivers for the tuner card or will Windows XP work also? My sage Server is running on windows XP.

XP will not work.  W7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Home Server 2011 (aka Vail) will all work.

Decided to give this a try over the weekend.  Made a clone backup of my OS drive and installed SageTV and SageDCT with a little help from Andy (your SageTV install guide rocks, BTW Cool).  I got the Ceton working so now I've just got to figure out the rest of SageTV.  Looks like I've got  lot of reading ahead of me over the next 21 days.

Hi, Just got my ceton and am setting up sagedct.  Do you have to set it up with windows media center?

nope - it's probably better not to

Thank you for your unbelievably quick response, when it is activated should I be able to see the tuners in sage to be able to set them up or should I be able to find them now?


Use the config tool to scan for the tuners and generate the entries to put in the properties file (when sage is shut down).

After inserting the entries, turn the service back on and map a channel lineup to the tuners (you don't need to do a channel scan).  Then test a channel that you know you get from the Guide.

When I try to install SageDCT on my Windows 2008 server Sage box, I get the following error when I run setup.exe or the MSI file:

This package is only supported on Windows 7

Is there a way to manually extract the files and install it ?

I have already manually enabled the uPNP Device Host and SSDP Discovery services.

Do the Ceton drivers work on your server?

babgvant wrote:

Do the Ceton drivers work on your server?

Yes the Ceton drivers work fine on Win2008 server.

I was able to get SageDCT to install by using ORCA (MSI editor) to modify the LaunchCondition from 'VersionNT >= 601" to "VersionNT >= 600"

Once I did that, it installed fine and runs great. I will be sending a donation next month.

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