Will you buy another AnyDVD HD license?

Will you buy another AnyDVD HD license?

It was a sad day when Slysoft went away, but soon there was hope in the form of RedFox. Based on the same code, run by the same developers, it seemed too good to be true. And it sort of is because as it turns out RedFox is cutting out existing license holders. Now, I do see their point – they need money to keep the lights on, and any licenses were with Slysoft and not them. While lifetime license holders got great value for the money from Slysoft, I’m not sure that it’s worth the risk this time around, and RedFox is being a bit underhanded about it.

First off, I don’t think the pricing is unreasonable. It is consistent with what Slysoft was charging and given how useful the software is at seamlessly de-crufting the Blu-ray experience is worth it. Unfortunately, given what happened to Slysoft we now know that lifetimes are finite. Who knows when RedFox is going to close up shop, get raided, or rebrand to help the balance sheet (TBC, I’m not trying to imply that’s what happened, just that it is a possible scenario).

That said, if it was just those sorts of concerns (which aren’t really unique to RedFox) I don’t think I would be thinking out loud about it. That is directly related to the prompt I see every so often telling me that I should update – when it’s not a new version of the software, and that isn’t clearly spelled out in the dialog. It’s exactly the same dialog that the app has used to provide non-breaking updates for years.

So I don’t know. Probably time to reconsider the other options out there, if AnyDVD HD is still the best maybe it’s worth the gamble.

Have any of you bought a license, or are sitting on the fence?

  • I have a lifetime license for

    I have a lifetime license for Slysoft’s AnyDVD, but I haven’t used it in years.  Once I switched to MakeMKV I no longer had a need for it.  I have converted every video file and ripped movie on my server to mkv format.  Let’s face it, Slysoft saw this as a way to generate more revenue by closing up shop and reappearing under a new name.  Canceling Slysoft licenses is a chickenshit way of doing business and a slap in the face to long time users and license holders.  It’s probably not a big deal to anyone that purchased annual licenses, but they screwed over a lot of lifetime users by their actions.  I won’t be buying another license.

  • If “lifetime” doesn’t mean

    If “lifetime” doesn’t mean lifetime, then they shouldn’t offer a lifetime license. 

    I guess that goes for the rest of their poducts as well.  They should honor the duration and use the experience as part of their sales pitch to keep current customers and/or gain new ones.  To re-invest in a license is nothing more than a gamble at this rate.

  • I had a lifetime license for

    I had a lifetime license for Slysoft’s AnyDVD, but I won’t be buying any new license – certainly not lifetime since we now have irrefutable eveidence that “lifetime” has no real meaning/guarantee of any duration. It could mean next week, next month, next year — who knows. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • I have appreciated what

    I have appreciated what SlySoft has brought to the table and have bought a few of their products over the years. A lifetime of anything is how long the company is in business to honor it. My biggest concern here is have they positioned themselves to not be allgedly threatened or raided and forced to shut down again. That is my biggest concern. Even if you buy a 1 or 2 year product, I don’t even know if they can withstand that if they were foreced to shut down or feel they “shouldn’t” fight it anymore.

    I have gone in a different direction.

  • Nope, screw me once and it’s

    Nope, screw me once and it’s over… There is other options out there at a lower cost. I will go another route…

  • I’m not buying another

    I’m not buying another license. I switched to MakeMKV. I guess ‘lifetime’ means the lifetime of the company.