Improving WAF for completely selfish reasons


How pathetic am I?  I could just stop there but I won’t.    In a recent blog post I described how my family is currently testing out Netflix.  While it was fun at first to be able to stream movies on my laptop I quickly got tired of the small screen size.  Unfortunately, since we have a newborn at home […]

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Netflix Streaming Only Plans?!


We may have been the last holdouts but my wife and I finally joined the present and signed up for our 1 month free trial of Netflix. What I found interesting was that when we signed up we noticed that one of the plan options was $7.99 unlimited streaming only plan.  This is the plan that is used by our […]

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A small update

Well, I’m sad to say that I had to temporarily disable my server power savings.  There were a couple of key problems that I ran into while using the shutdown and wakeup scripts.  The first was that there were a few times where I would be watching a show on my frontend (which is a separate machine from the backend) […]

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The perfect OS for a Mythtv Backend?

I’ve been working on my development system lately trying to determine what operating system I want to use for it.  In my "production" Mythtv server I am using Fedora.  I started out with Fedora Core 5 on this box and have upgraded it to Fedora Core 8 over the years.  Fedora is now up to Fedora 13, with Fedora 14 […]

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Shutoff your HTPC when not in use!

These features have been widely available in Mythtv since at least 2008 but in the last couple weeks I have finally been able to implement ACPI shutdown/wakeup for my Mythtv server.  Using the information found here I have setup my backend to power off when not recording a show.  The system automatically sets the time of the next recording and […]

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Mythtv for Windows


I am happy to say that I now possess two Windows based laptops that each have the Mythtv frontend software built natively on them.  The Mythtv devs have been very busy over the lasts couple of weeks putting together a server to host all of the Mythtv dependencies – MinGW, MSYS, etc – so that the build script will reliably […]

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What’s happening?

It seems that it’s been a while since I last updated my blog. At that time I was looking at running the various Mythtv-based linux distrobutions.  Among the distrobutions that I had mentioned are Mythdora, Mythbuntu and LinHES.  At the time, I had tested Mythdora. Well, I recently found myself with a bit of free time so I decided to load […]

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Review: QNAP NMP-1000   These days, small form-factor networked media players are all the rage.  It seems that you cannot turn around without tripping over a device from another manufacturer trying to compete in this market.  We recently had a look at the Box Office from Patriot and the O!Play HDP-R1 from Asus.  Today I bring to the table the […]

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MythTV 0.23 Available

Another day, another version of Mythtv is now available.  🙂  This one expands on the new UI rewrite that was done in 0.22 and adds some new features like MythNetVision.  One thing that I noticed in the announcement on the Mythtv website related to 0.24: If all goes according to plan, MythTV 0.24 will bring a new MythUI OSD, a […]

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EFO Wireless Keyboard Comparison


Review: EFO Wireless Keyboard Comparison   Recently we looked at the EFO RF Wireless Handheld Keyboard which worked pretty well overall.  Today we are going to compare that with the new Bluetooth version, the EFO Bluetooth Wireless Handheld Keyboard.  How well will bluetooth compare to RF?  What else has been changed with this keyboard?  Is it worth the additional cost?  […]

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