MythTV Reloaded – Day 5

Well, up until this point, everything has progressed exactly as planned.  As with all things that I do though, something must go wrong.  Well, now I have hit my first big speed bump with this build process.  Today I set my backend system to run the 0.24 install that I made a couple of days ago and that is still […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 4

So far in this process of bringing my MythTV setup up-to-date I have upgraded my primary backend to 0.24 (but put the old hard drive back in so that it is compatible with the rest of the house running 0.21 still) and my primary frontend to 0.24 (but put in the old hard drive so people can still watch TV). […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 3

I think that the next most important system for me to get up and running is going to be the main frontend.  Again I’ve decided to load CentOS 6 onto a separate hard drive that I’ve got sitting around. Where did I get all of these extra drives, anyway?  Again, installation was fairly straight forward following the same Mythtv installation […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 2

As recently noted, I have decided to document my MythTV upgrade.  To start things off, I will be upgrading my main MythTV server.  The current system is running MythTV 0.21 on Fedora Core 7.  The current version of MythTV is 0.24 at the time of this writing.  This time around I will be building the backend around CentOS.  The most […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 1

Earlier this summer my MythTV server died.  After spending a bit of time getting the basics back up and running I’ve decided that it was time to also get things up to date again.  Thus far my plans have been limited to only software upgrades but I may do some hardware upgrading along the way as well.  With this in […]

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MythTV on Windows?!

Welcome to MythTV on Windows

MythTV is complicated to setup.  MythTV only runs under Linux.  MythTV is only for people who like to tweak their setups all the time…These are some of the stereotypes surrounding MythTV.  While this may have been true at one point things have gotten much easier lately.  One of the things that has gotten a lot of recent attention is building […]

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Migrating the MythTV Database Between Installations

Mythconverg_backup in progress

For years now I’ve been running the same Linux installation and the same MythTV installation on the same hardware.  From time to time I would upgrade the MythTV installation or the OS to the latest revision but it was always an upgrade from the previous and not a clean install.  However, earlier this summer I was faced with a hardware […]

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Amazon Adds PBS to Instant Streaming


It looks like Amazon is making more and more content deals.  Added to what they already have available on Prime Instant Video is now have PBS content.  I know that with small kids in the house we watch a lot of it.  Maybe it’s time to take another look at our streaming service around here… We’ve now licensed TV programs […]

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When Mythtv Servers Go Belly Up

Mess of cables in the temporary MythTV server setup

Oh, the irony.  A little over a week ago I found myself thinking that I hadn’t written a blog post in quite a while and I realized that it was because my setup was running so smoothly.  There was just nothing to write about because I hadn’t needed to do anything with it for quite a while.  Little did I […]

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