SiliconDust releases support for multiple recording engines

Details are a bit light on how SiliconDust’s new horizontal scaling scheme is implemented, but it seems a welcome addition to the flexibility of the platform, especially with the introduction of the Scribe and Servio models. While the long time users are used to the “complexity” of adding additional storage to the NAS/PC/whatever these new hardware bits obfuscate that complexity […]

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RHA’s Amazing T20 Headphone, is now wireless

If you’ve thought “the T20 is amazing, but it’s kind of hard to commit to a wired-only headset especially as the 3.5mm jack fades away”, apparently you’re not alone (and I wouldn’t blame you). But, there is now a cake-and-eat-it-too solution to this dilemma, because the T20 is now a wired, and wireless, you-buy-one-thing-and-get-to-swap-cables-for-how-you-want-to-use-it bundle of sonic goodness. This is […]

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Continental GP5000 TL Puncture

Less than a month in, got a puncture. Sealant worked in the field, isn’t providing a long term fix. Annoying that I’ll probably have to write off such a new tire, for what isn’t that large of a hole, but it’s hard to argue with the massive convenience of tubeless even though it’s an all-the-eggs-in-one-basket solution.

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