SiliconDust HDHR5-4US CONNECT Quatro network tuner for OTA cord cutters

SiliconDust recently upgraded their HDHomeRun (HDHR) CONNECT line of over-the-air (OTA) network tuners to include a $149 MSRP four-stream Quatro (HDHR5-4US) companion for the $99 MSRP two-stream Duo (HDHR5-2US) model. Both models feature 100Mb Ethernet, all new internals, and an attractive form factor. Updated silicon components should bring power savings, so if SiliconDust can also maintain the stability of the […]

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Wire-free NETGEAR Arlo Security Light available for pre-order

If you’ve bought into NETGEAR’s Arlo camera system the $250 wire-free Arlo Security Light companion devices seem like a no-brainier. The kit comes with a few power options, including rechargeable batteries or via a solar panel. Post installation these IP65 “weather resistant” lights with customizable color, pattern, and beam width can tie into a wider Arlo ecosystem either as a […]

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