Home Server SMART 2012 Updated to Version

Home Server SMART 2012

I tend to be very conservative about adding plug-ins or new software to my Windows Home Server. Indeed, on my v1 box, I’m not sure I ever installed anything other than Squeezebox Server, and I have not installed too much else on my 2011 box. That being said, one of my favorite add-ins for WHS 2011 is Home Server SMART […]

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My Movies for WHS 2011, Windows 7 Media Center Updated

My Movies Logo

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 has been updated to v2.11 Pre-Release 1. The new version of the My Movies backend is adding a number of features along with the usual collection of fixes. Several of the fixes relate to how My Movies for WHS 2011 handles converted files. Of particular interest is the new backend support for downloading […]

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