Verizon Fios TV Coming to the Xbox 360

Today Verizon has announced plans to release their Fios TV services to the Xbox 360 platform. Users will have to subscribe to the Fios Internet and TV services in order to gain access to the service on your xbox.  Another interesting fact is Verizon will sell a triple play package that includes, TV, Phone and Internet services for $89.00. As part of […]

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Elgato Lauches TV Tuner for iPad2

While this is pretty much only for our European readers it is still news worthy for everyone, Elgato has released their iPad Tuner EyeTV Mobile. The tuner allows for live viewing of over the air DVB-T broadcast tv on the iPad 2. The software gives you a full program guide good for 7 days, and with a fully charged battery […]

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iTunes TV Rentals A Thing of the Past

I can’t say I’m too surprised that TV rentals never kicked off. Who wants to spend $14 to have a limited time to watch a season of Sons of Anarchy, when you can spend the same amount and have unlimited access to it (and more) via Netflix? It has only been a year since Apple first introduced TV rentals from […]

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Apple Still Eyeing Cord Cutters?


Some of you have probably toyed with the idea of cutting the cord, while others may have even taken that drastic step.  According to some insiders, Apple may still be looking to get in on a piece of that action.  Personally, I don’t like Apple products, but the success of iTunes shows just what they’re capable of when they decide […]

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GeekTonic Guide to TV-New Fall 2011 TV FOX

I love these guides from our friends at Geektonic. I always have trouble keeping up with the latest. Not sure any of these sound ALL that appealing, but I normally will wait until all you guys tell me about some amazing show I’m missing and then get caught up–most recently this was SOA and Breaking Bad. The Fall 2011 TV […]

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How to Connect a New Receiver to a TV without HDMI


You just bought a fantastic new audio/video receiver (AVR) for your home theater system and you’re prepared to connect everything. Since times are tough you decided to keep your old rear projection or other HDTV since the quality is still decent and for your needs it seems to do great. If your TV is too old however, it will not […]

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How to Watch TV without Cable


There’s a lot of talk these days about folks wanting to cut down on their bills and configuring their homes to be able to watch TV without a cable subscription, or “cutting the cord” as it’s called, for a number of reasons. All which seem to be related to a feeling that maximum value is not being derived from a […]

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