Tip Of The Day: Extenders

A few of the major software packages support client based HTPCs, but why would you want an HTPC in every-room in the house. Extenders are a great option and can be purchased at 50% to 75% less then it would cost to build a slimline client HTPC. Vista Media Center There are a few extenders available for Vista Media Center. […]

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The Daily Button – April 7th, 2008

When I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we would have start our quarterly systems guide, I really meant that these are the types of guides that suck the very soul out of me. I have changed scope so many times that I want to throw my half finished document off a cliff and go from there. So I […]

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HTPC Tip Of The Day: Set Up Your Receiver

I remembered it like it was yesterday, I broke the seal on my spiffy new Pioneer receiver. Without ever really reading the manual I set it up for the first time and came up with decent enough results. As time moved on, I moved houses and my listening environment changed a great deal. I had noticed that I now strained […]

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The Daily Button – March 31st, 2008

I am kind of stumped for a Tip Of The Day today. I spent the weekend using Anthony Park’s Netflix plugin and watching/recording TV shows. Nothing out of the ordinary nor tip worthy. If you have any suggestions, please email them over 🙂 or reply in the comments. TV Tuner News: Avermedia release beta QAM drivers for VMC @ Chris […]

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Tip Of The Day: MissingRemote.com Glossary

As of today, the MissingRemote.com Gloassary officialy hits beta status. Why beta? Well we have a lot of terms to add to the glossary. I would like to thank Matt for his hard work on this over the years, he has maintained this glossary all the way back from the My HTPC days :). You can access the glossary by […]

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The Daily Button – March 26th, 2008

Welcome to today’s edition of The Daily Button. We have a few things coming down the pipe in the next couple of weeks including a refreshed server build guide, an Arcsoft TMT review and an update to my build guide. I have to say that the Arcsoft folks have been extremely responsive in ironing out issues we have been seeing. […]

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The Daily Button – March 23rd, 2008


Welcome to today’s graphically enhanced Daily Button SageMC STV News: Bringing Sexy Back Part 3 MediaPortal News: Canadian & North American Radio Plugins for MP Blu-ray News: AnyDVD now cracks BD+ @ Slysoft Receiver News: Marantz SR7002 HDMI 1.3a 3-zone A/V Receiver review at Sound & Vision MythTV News: Mythbuntu 8.04 preview @ Phornix VMC Plugin News: Another challenger joins […]

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Tip Of The Day: Internet TV


A good way to have a little fun and catch up on some TV is to use the Internet TV feature in VMC. Though there are not many full length episodes of TV, Arrested Development being the exception, there are lots of great clips from the History Channel and The National Geographic Channel. Along with that, they have a pretty […]

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