Upcoming Contest

Good news everyone! I just confirmed we have lined up a contest for you guys! The contest will be announced on Feb. 1st at 12:01am. Just a little something to give back to the community. I am thinking that each entry will have to be a 1,000 word essay on why you love MissingRemote.com. What do you think? -Al 

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Where Is the Daily Button?

Sorry for the lack of The Daily Button today. I got tied up with some other site related stuff tonight. We were hard at work testing out some new navigaional stuff for the site and I plum forgot. In the mean time, go ahead and read our recent guides. Dan's Dremel Guide: Mike's Vista Commercial Skip I am sure a […]

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Change To the Site

Bear with us as we make a few changes to the site. If something is broken, please leave feedback in the forums or just go ahead and email me. The first bit of work I am doing is cleaning up the main menus and creating a portal for Media Center and Home Theater news, reviews and blog entries. Click on […]

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Q&A with Microsoft about Vista

Not directly related to HTPC's or Home Theaters, but I'm sure there's plenty of questions out there regarding the upcoming Windows Vista, and Lifehacker asks some pretty good questions. Why should I upgrade to Vista? By far the most resounding question Lifehacker readers had, the first answers I got were basically security, stability and new features – the same reasons […]

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Happy Turkey Dreams


For those of our readers in the US who have yet to pass out due to turkey-itus, Happy Thanksgiving!  We thank you for your participation and helping to grow our community.  So kick back and relax.  You deserve a day off.  For our non-US readers….  get back to work and post in the forums!   Just kidding.  We appreciate our […]

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Logitech Acquires Slim Devices

I always thought the Squeezebox was an awesome product that just needed more publicity, and now with Logitech behind it, they shouldn't have any problem getting their products out. I feel old remembering the first Squeezebox that was essentially just a 40×2 VFD display in a cheapo case, with some ethernet cable, but it was still very cool & it's […]

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