AerodromMCE brings Airplay to Window Media Center

One feature that some Media Center users would love to take advantage of is Apple AirPlay. There are already some Windows based AirPlay receiver applications and one of those is Aerodrom. The same developers of Aerodrom have now released a Media Center Add-in that integrates their Aerdrom application and brings it into Media Center adding the ability to play media […]

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JRiver Media Center Begins Media Center 17 Beta


JRiver Media Center quietly turned their audiophile PC music player into a full featured media playback application over the last few releases.  In the last revision they added Red October (a feature that tames DirectShow codec selection) as well as bringing madVR support to a SAF friendly 10′ UI (Theater View).  The latest rev (dubbed B17) brings better TV support […]

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MCE 7 Reset Toolbox Version 3 Released

Another great tool for Windows 7 Media Center has been released. This time MCE 7 Reset Toolbox. This tool is the “Swiss army knife” of Media Center. MCE 7 Reset Toolbox allows you to perform everything from full backups, themes, channel editing, and any other full customizations you would ever want to do to Media Center. I personally don’t have […]

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Ceton Diagnostic Media Center Plugin Beta Release

Back in February Josh Pollard from The Digital Media Zone had created a simple diagnostics Ceton Cable Card tool for Media Center. Now fast forward today and Ceton has now released their official diagnostics tool. While the tool is still in beta form, it still allows for full visibility into the tuner, its settings, health, signal, you name it. The […]

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ESPN3WMC Update, Games Resume Play in Full Screen


Amar Kota has released an update to the ESPN3 addon for windows media center. In addition to restoring the ability to watch games in full screen the update also enables support for streaming content from Watch ESPN (if you are on one of the lucky few carriers to have this service). So head on over to and download the update, and be sure to […]

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TweakMC updated for Windows 7

If you remember the days of TweakMC back in the Vista Media Center era you will remember it was a great utility for customizing Media Center. Enabling the DVD Library which was disabled by default. Fixing overscan issues, you name it, TweakMC did it. A member over at the Windows Experts Community (formerly The Green Button) has found the original […]

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