LOVEFiLM Stikes Deals with BBC Worldwide and ITV


Netflix recently announced it had made a deal to offer BBC Worldwide’s content when Netflix launches in the UK and Ireland. It was, however, a non-exclusive deal as LOVEFiLM has demonstrated by jumping in and cutting a deal of their own. Amazon announced today that their LOVEFiLM service has secured a deal similar to Netflix’s for access to the BBC’s […]

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LOVEFiLM Signs Sony to Exclusive Content Agreement

Do you remember that scene in Matrix Revolutions where Neo and Agent Smith have their final showdown in the rain and they end up flying at each other, colliding with such force that it generates a shockwave that displaces the rain for miles around? This is the image that has begun to come to mind every time I think about Netflix […]

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LOVEFiLM Signs Deal With Warner Bros.

Like Napoleonic-era generals, Netflix and LOVEFiLM are marshalling their forces and establishing their positions on the field. Over the last couple of weeks, Netflix has been kicking up the most dust preparing for their entry into the UK and Ireland next year, but now LOVEFiLM is responding by bringing Warner Bros. in on their side of the battlefield. LOVEFiLM’s deal with Warner […]

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