Kwikset HALO Wi-Fi Smart Deadbolt

While I wouldn’t dream of smarting up my house without the unified experience a home automation controller (HAC) provides, I can see that not everyone wants to take that step. Devices like the HALO, which connect directly to your Wi-Fi and use an app, are a great way to get some of the benefits of a smart lock on your […]

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Kwikset Announces Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Details are still a bit thin on the ground, but Kwikset is bringing out a Wi-Fi enabled deadbolt lock. Wi-Fi is obviously a much lower bar to entry than a proper home automation hub/system, so I can see why they are doing it. But, if it’s just an isolated lock, with no chance of integration with other systems (even the […]

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Home Automation @ CES 2014

This year’s show was focused heavily on home automation (HA) and the “Internet of Things” device so I spent most of my time at the show running down different HA vendors and talking to them about the products they have, and the ones that should be out sometime this year. Instead of breaking each one into its own post I […]

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Kwikset & ipDatatel Announce Zigbee Integration


When I was building my home automation (HA) system, the lack of devices and good integration between those devices was the main reason I settled on Z-Wave. In many ways Zigbee is a superior technology though, and also has the benefit of being supported by many chip manufactures (Z-Wave is controlled by Sigma Designs) so it’s great to see product […]

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Kwikset Announces Updated Connected Deadbolt


No Home Automation (HA) is really complete without connected deadbolts making it possible to manage access. Which is exactly why I have the original Kwikset Z-Wave locks in my home. Frankly, I’m a big fan and there’s a lot to like about the locks, especially SmartKey which lets you re-key the locks whenever you want without involving a locksmith. There […]

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