TiVoToGo DRM Sidestepped

Great news for all you Mac or Linux users, the DRM for the TiVToGo has been cracked. So that's the good news, and there's even a tool for it. Now, the bad news, it's a command-line interface, so hope you've been practicing. But I wouldn't worry, this seems useful enough that almost certain a programmer will see the need & […]

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Complaints over Comcast PVRs roll in

Those PVRWire Guys are a great resource for PVR and DVR news, they seem to have the scoop on everything TiVo and PVR:). Their latest scoop is coverage of Comcast's less then stellar PVR. Head on over to the article and find out why Comcast is wishing they owned TiVo. From the article: Apparently John Batelle isn't the only person […]

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Anatomy of the Silent Fan

If you've ever tried building a media center in your living room, (or anywhere else if you have a significant other who always seems to have super-sensitive hearing), then I'm sure you've tried all you could to make sure your HTPC is as silent as possible. SilentPCReview is a great source for info, and they go in-depth as to what […]

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TiVo Broadband to see some Improvements

Some good news for you TiVo owners, as they're making some changes to their software which will allow you to view non-copyrighted video on your TiVos, as well as make it easy to share video you make with other TiVo users. Shame that movies you download still won't be able to be streamed, but this is another step for TiVo […]

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TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder


Sound And Vision has a relatively unknown company's product on their test bench. Oddly named "TiVo", with a capital V, it sports quite a few features that may make this HD DVR a front runner in the PVR race.  From the article: The TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder contains slots for two CableCARDs, which you can lease from your […]

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TiVo Raises Rates (In Time For The Holidays)

It looks like Scrooge is showing his ugly face around the holidays! TiVo is set to raise prices on its monthy subscritpion fee from $12.95 to $14.95. The plan options and price hikes are a confusing jumble of crap that would scare me out of wanting to buy a TiVo. From the article: 1. At the time of activation of […]

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