Comcast and Disney Sign Agreement for TV Everywhere

Disney has been in a serious deal-making mood these last few months. First they hooked up with Roku, then they went big with YouTube. Now they’ve signed on for a 10 year deal with Comcast that will see almost all of Disney’s networks made available on Comcast’s Xfinity streaming and VOD service. If you can name a Disney, ABC, or […]

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YouTube Adds Disney and DreamWorks Movie Rentals


So there you were Thanksgiving evening, the turkey carcass forgotten at the table, the football games done, and a house full of family overstaying their welcome, and you needed a movie to pacify the increasingly cranky kids that everyone was trying to ignore. If you pulled up YouTube in search of a movie rental then you had the opportunity to […]

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YouTube and Disney Teaming Up on Original Content

YouTube + Disney

We recently commented on Roku adding a Disney channel to its little streamer and the importance of being able to put the Disney brand on the box. Even when the content is not particularly compelling, the brand alone is enough to attract the attention of parents and children. YouTube may be counting on the same effect as YouTube and Disney […]

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Roku Adds Three New Channels, Including Disney


With hundreds of content channels to choose from, the addition of three new channels to the Roku Channel Store wouldn’t normally be big news, but today’s announcement is a doozy, if only for one of the three channels. The first two channels, Comic Vine and Giant Bomb will certainly have their fans. I personally listen to the Giant Bomb podcast […]

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