There aren’t many Micro-ATX X570 motherboards to choose from, so when I decided it was time for a new workstation, I opted for the one with an Intel network adapter. This turned out to be a mistake, as the network card has terrible SMB performance with my file server. ASROCK’s poor support experience tops off the experience, making the TLDR […]

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ASRock Z87E-ITX Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

ASRock has been around for a while and always load their motherboards with tons of features at a very affordable price. This Z87 based motherboard is a bit different as it’s on the higher priced spectrum, but these guys seem to like it. With that said, today we’ll be reviewing out the ASRock Z87E-ITX motherboard, which as you may expect […]

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ASRock Z77E-ITX Mini-ITX Motherboard Reviewed

ASRock Z77E-ITX.jpg

The Mini-ITX hits just keep on coming. With the diminutive platform becoming increasingly popular with the DIY crowd,  we are seeing more manufacturers offering a greater variety of motherboards and more sites running reviews of those offerings. In this case, the ASRock Z77E-ITX is on the review table. As the name implies, the Z77E-ITX is a Mini-ITX board based on […]

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AnandTech Reviews ASRock’s Vision 3D 252B HTPC


If I’m honest I don’t really get these ASROCK’s NVIDIA + Intel HD Graphics SFF HTPCs because there really isn’t much that adding a dGPU nets you outside of slightly better gaming performance. That said, I am glad that ASROCK continues to develop new machines for this segment and that these systems are beginning to look a lot more like […]

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ASRock CoreHT Server Edition Reviewed

ASRock CoreHT Server Edition

ASRock’s CoreHT line of small form factor PCs are specifically targeted at the HTPC market, and ASRock has generally done a good job of delivering the goods. Our friends at Anandtech took the CoreHT 252B for a spin several months ago and were generally pleased with what they saw, but were disappointed with the hard drive performance and capacity. ASRock […]

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ASRock A75M-ITX Motherboard Reviewed


ASRock has been a solid supporter of AMD CPUs over the last couple of years as evidenced by their high-end Fatality-branded motherboards. ASRock has also been a solid supporter of the Mini-ITX format. The A75M-ITX brings AMD and Mini-ITX together in one compact package. The lack of overclocking support shouldn’t be much of an issue for anyone looking for an […]

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Asrock Z68M-ITX-HT and Asrock A75-ITX Square Off


I enjoy reading motherboard reviews, even when I’m not in the market for a new system. However, when I am planning a new build, my favorite kind of motherboard review is a good old-fashioned platform showdown. Today we’re looking at a new breed of Mini-ITX motherboards from Asrock called the Z68M-ITX/HT and A75M-ITX. The former is an Intel Z68 board that supports Intel’s […]

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AnandTech Reviews ASRock CoreHT 252B

CoreHT Series.jpg

I love reading Ganesh’s work because he’s one of the few reviewers (not on Missing Remote of course) that really gets HTPC.  They are always incredibly detailed and this look at ASRock’s CoreHT 252B is no exception.  You’ll have to read it through to get his thoughts, but I am pleased to see that this generation of CoreHT’s is much […]

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