Rotel RSX-1057 AV Receiver


The Rotel RSX-1057 is not heavy on features that you would expect on similarly priced Denon. Gone are the fancy iPod docks and satellite radio hookups here, the focus with this bad boy is to supply clean, stable power to your speakers. It supports basic switching with no upconversion and has a LAN connection that the reviewer does not talk […]

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TV Messenger – Caller ID on TV

Something that has been done on Media Centers for a while now is now available in a set top box. TV Messenger, not a msn messenger plugin, can behooked up to your screen for instant notification of an incoming call. This would really get my straights curly if it had some sort of wireless hookup. Who has a telephone jack […]

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Toshiba unveils large-screen SED TV

Toshiba has finally gotten around to showing off their upcoming SED technology at Ceatec. The first impressions form the crowds was positive due to its sharp images and deep blacks. Is SED to good to be true? I guess we will find out in 2008! From the article:  Toshiba has finally revealed its 55-inch SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) prototypes (pictured […]

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HDTV Display Technology Guide


If you forgot where your bathroom was more then once this week, you had best head on over to ecoustics to read their HDTV primer before heading on over to your local big box store. All the major display devices are covered including plasma, LCD, LCD projection, DLB, LCoS, and front projector. What I need next is a primer in […]

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Coming To A Theater Near You

Have a tub of popcorn and a barrel of soda for me when you go to these upcoming flicks in the theater. Week Of October 8th, 2006   Man Of The Year –  Many talk show hosts harbor lofty ambitions, but few would go to the extremes of Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) in the gentle satire MAN OF THE YEAR. […]

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Kaleidescape Movie & Music Server

I do recall the insanely expensive Kaleidescape servers of yore, however, a much less expensive unit from Kalediescape has made its way onto the market. Most Media Servers are Media Center clones with a fancy case (which I don't mind myself) but Kalediescape is built from the ground up using a custom OS. Control can be acomplished via an adnvanced […]

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Denon AVR-2807 7.1 A/V Receiver

Where to start on the Denon 2807. You just don't know where to start when something has so many features. Starting out with CODEC support, the 2807 supports Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, THX Select2, and DTS (ES, Neo:6 96/24). As with most recievers these days, it has 2 zone support. On the connection side, it has support for 2:1 HDMI […]

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Snapstream Contest Details


Only a week old and here we are having our first contest!!  First off, I would like to thank Snapstream for sponsoring this contest!, without their generous sponsorship this contest to give back to the community would not be possible.  Head on over to this thread for further details on how to enter. Place your entry in this thread.   […]

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