Could we get native WireGuard on Ubiquiti UDM/UDM-Pro?

The current end-user VPN types on the Ubiquiti UDM/UDM-Pro aren’t awesome. IPsec works, but there are issues. Big enough issues that Android 12 users can’t leverage it anymore. Personally, I switched over to WireGuard a while back, but I would much rather that it was natively supported on the UDM/UDM-Pro instead of having to wrestle with yet-another-Linux VM in my DMZ. Yes, I know that there are unsupported ways to do it on the UDM/UDM-Pro, and if I didn’t have the virtualization infrastructure, that’s how I would roll…

Given that the UDM’s kernel supports WireGuard, it should be relatively easy for UI to add it. So here’s hoping that we get something nice in the next release :).

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