UniFi Dream Machine Firmware 1.9.3

I’ve been really, really, cautious with the 1.9.x UDM/UDM-Pro firmware releases, but I think it’s time to throw caution to the wind with the 1.9.3 release. Somewhat because it genuinely seems to be more solid release (mostly on the controller side), but also because UI’s breach, and lack of disclosure around what happened exactly, puts us all at massive risk. […]

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UniFi Dream Machine Firmware 1.9.2

Rushed firmware, after rushed firmware, after rushed firmware; all likely due to poor release management by Ubiquiti. While I applaud the desire to try rapidly fix broken things, maybe the rush to turn us all into beta testers for a Unifi Controller that even UI isn’t willing to call stable is the problem?

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UniFi Dream Machine Firmware 1.9.1

Has it been a week already? It would have been a long week for a lot of folks running the 1.9.0 firmware on their UDM/UDM-Pro. Personally, I’m going to wait another week because of how badly the last release went, but I’m also quite a bit more confident about the stability of this release, so maybe I’ll cut that short.

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