AVEiNE @ CES 2019

I’ve never been good with patience. Or getting the timing right around when I open a bottle of wine. So it’s quite common that we pull out the aerator at serving time. Not being aware that the the humble aerator had been smartened, our’s is still stuck in the pre-technology era. Fortunately, while wandering Eureka Park at CES 2019 I stumbled ,metaphorically of course, although clearly a missed opportunity for smart aerator creator AVEiNE.

The usage model it very simple, connect their aerator to an app on your phone, place it on the freshly opened bottle, and scan the label. This programs the device to provide the perfect amount of agitation to the experience – which seems to me, like a good application for smart home technology.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many of these things it is both expensive ($175) and unattainable (March 2019 ship date expected). That said, funding goals were met handily over at Indiegogo. Oh, and as a bonus feature, the angled shape of the device should make it easier to avoid those annoying wasted drops that always manage to trickle down the side and onto the table cloth…