CES 2018 – Flo smart home water security and conservation system

Like the Guardian by Elexa water shutoff controller, Flo can “intelligently” turn off the water. But, it also promises to be much more. Including detecting leaks, and even wastage – like a running toilet or leaky faucet.

Unless you’re really handy, installing a Flo will require engaging a plumber as it sits in the main water line just past the meter. This will add to the cost of the $500 device. The capabilities it can offer because of this should go a long way in justifying the additional expense. The main difference between Flo and other shutoff controllers is that it will learn the usage pattern of the building using a proprietary machine learning algorithm. This model is then used to detect unusual patterns and catastrophic events. Alerting users to a problem, and providing them the opportunity to override the shutoff (maybe you’re filling the pool), or turn off the water automatically.

Unfortunately, Flo’s clever bits make it highly cloud dependent. Which depending on your ISP and tolerance for getting “Harmony Linked”, might be an issue.