CES 2018 – MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer four probe kit

When it’s cold, I do a lot of roasting. So products like the MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer have become an essential part of my toolbox. Being able to have that extra bit of insurance, or early warning system, when coordinating everything is a massive help. MEATER currently has a single probe version, which is somewhat hamstrung by being limited to Bluetooth. Now, this isn’t a major issue if you’re cooking close by, but my grill is well outside the range so it was a blocking issue for me.

The upcoming $200 (pre-order) four probe kit resolves that for me because included in the box is a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi bridge. Even better, is that the bridge also provides a useful interaction point with the probes. So if it’s inconvenient to pull out your phone or mess with the tablet (i.e. hands are a little dirty), it’s all right there.