Plex adds adaptive bitrate streaming

If you have a Plex Pass and a willness to live on the cutting edge you too can try out their new adaptive bitrate streaming feature. It is still in “preview release” so don’t be surprised if there are some BETA type issues. Happy streaming :)!

We don’t always live in a world with consistent home Wi-Fi or Internet speeds. Maybe the cellular signal varies during the bus ride into work, or your Wi-Fi slows down every time your roommate microwaves a burrito. When your connection quality changes, it’s annoying for video players to pause or require you to change a quality setting. In cases like that, it’s ideal for players to automatically adapt without interruptions.

To give you the best possible experience, Plex can now automatically adjust the quality of your video based on your connection speed. When auto quality is turned on, videos will start at the quality that you have selected in your app’s quality settings, then increase or decrease quality based on your connection speed.