I’d really, really like an OLED TV, but with a still quite decent PDP to “make do” with it’s been a bit difficult to justify the purchase; especially given #3 on CNET’s “should I upgrade” questions. Even if you’re not in the market. It is a good breakdown of what’s out there, and how much it will hurt to bring it home.

Assuming you’re in the market for a new TV, ask yourself a handful of questions before you whip out your wallet.

  • Am I happy with a TV being either 55 or 65 inches? (Yes, 77-inch OLEDs exist — you can get 2015 or 2016 models — but if you can afford the $25,000 asking price, we’re thinking you’re consulting your personal shopper and/or home installer, which no doubt have on retainer.)
  • Do I think $1,500 for a 55-incher, or $4,000 for a 65-incher (gulp), is worth it for supreme image quality?
  • Will I be able to live with myself if, next year, the cost is $500 or $1000 or less for a somewhat improved model?