Techradar explains why you should care about HDR

One of the best things about 4K, isn’t really the updated resolution. While that is nice, it will really only benefit those who have a massive display and/or sit close to their displays (i.e. the right place). The biggest benefit, is along with more pixels the content and panels are getting support for high dyanamic range (HDR). I know that I’ve been banging on about HDR, but it really does make a difference :). So if you’re not really sure, and want more information on what it is and why you should care – Techradar has a good primer on the subject.


High Dynamic Range (HDR) content is the future of television. Alongside 4K, it represents the biggest change in the making of your favorite TV shows and movies since the advent of high resolution.

There are dozens of companies working on HDR as we speak, from the TV manufacturers putting together the panels of tomorrow to content creators and distributors like Netflix and Amazon who are charged with making your favorite shows in the updated format and even Dolby and Technicolor, two of the most influential sound and vision companies in the past five decades.