Ring, Wi-Fi doorbell reviewed at Neowin

I know the HA market is still young, but is it really too much to ask that players start to integrate with each other? How many apps should I need to get a best-of-breed solution? Rant done, the Ring looks interesting, go check out what Neowin has to say…


In the world of home automation we’ve seen all sorts of helpful gadgets from cameras to smart locks, many of which are “smart” versions of items that we commonly find in our homes. One such item is the humble doorbell which has gotten a fresh rework in the form of the $199 Ring video doorbell.

The premise of the product is pretty simple. Whether or not you are actually home, you can make people think you are with a WiFi connected doorbell. Additionally, a camera in plain sight on the device could deter people with malicious intentions all by itself. While this isn’t the first video doorbell, it aims to make replacing, setting up, and using such a system easier and much more approachable for home owners.