OOMI Launches Funding Campaign

We saw OOMI at ShowStoppers and while they didn’t have actual product, they certainly said all the right things to indicated a good understanding of what HA is and what HA users want to get from the system. If you’d like to get in on the launch [aka pre-order] price of $229 (SRP will be $449) head on over to Indiegogo. Full PR after the click.


Featuring Patented Tap-and-Touch™ Technology, Pioneering Home Management System Delivers Unrivalled Functionality Right Out of the Box and is the Foundation for an Ever-Expanding Home Automation System 

Indiegogo Campaign Launches Today to Fund “Starter Kit” Final Development 
(Chicago, IL) – January 22, 2015 – Fantem, a developer of innovative products and solutions for the home, today introduced Oomi (#Oomi), the first smart home (#smarthome) system that offers users unparalleled simplicity of set-up and use to deliver a truly intuitive, and easy to expand, home management solution right out of the box.  Via an Indiegogo campaign (www.OomiHome.com/IGG) starting today, the Oomi “Starter Kit,” which features the Oomi Cube, Oomi Touch (tablet) and Oomi Plug (wireless wall outlet switch), will be available to contributors for $229USD, fifty percent off retail (MSRP: $449USD), along with other reward options.  The campaign, which will aid to fund the final development and manufacturing of the Oomi system, will see final product delivered to consumers by summer 2015.

The starter kit, which provides users with unrivalled functionality right out of the box, is the foundation for an ever-expanding home automation system that will place an unprecedented level of home control directly into the hands of users.  Featuring patent pending Tap-and-Touch™ technology for the fastest and most effortless setup and configuration of any home automation system, Oomi instantly recognizes all system accessories and sensors without the need for programming.  For users, this means that when an Oomi device is “tapped” with the Oomi Touch tablet, it is immediately recognized and options for set-up, configuration and information specific to that device (including tutorials and videos) are displayed right on the screen of the Touch tablet. 

Before completing set-up, a user can customize any setting as they see fit.  For most users, this will mean little more than adding a custom name (i.e.: “Hall Light”) and tapping “confirm” on the Oomi Touch screen.  With setup done, should the end user wish to change any settings, or find out more about an Oomi accessory, again all they have to do is Tap-and-Touch!   By making it easier than ever to get a true “smart home” up and running, Oomi is lowering the barrier to entry for home automation for consumers of all types – whether tech-savvy or not (no coding or programming knowledge required), and positions Oomi to truly reshape the smart home market.

Oomi’s control functionality is built on the Z-Wave® Wireless Mesh Network Technology, which allows users to wirelessly control electronics, home controls and other Z-Wave® devices.  This provides users with great reliability, and robust expansion options for the modern home of today and tomorrow. When Oomi ships, it will be compatible with over 1,200 accessories not made by Fantem directly.  This gives users an unlimited amount of options when it comes to the features and intelligence that Oomi can offer their home. 

The Oomi system also features self-learning algorithms and adaptive automation, which redefines smart home ease-of-use.  Once set up, the user will not have to do anything additional to experience the benefits of home automation.  The system will learn the user’s habits, schedules and preferences to deliver a new level of whole home control.  For example, by checking that morning’s traffic, Oomi can determine if the user’s commute will take longer than expected and automatically re-set their alarm clock to wake them up earlier so they are not late for work.  Oomi redefines ease of use simply because most of the time it doesn’t have to be manually used at all.

“Oomi has the potential to massively grow the home automation market by delivering the first easy to use system that provides practical, useful, intuitive and expandable solutions for homeowners,” said Winston Cheng, CEO, Fantem.  “With the included hub, tablet and plug, Oomi can be used and managed anywhere, anytime, allowing users the comfort of knowing that their home is doing exactly what they want and it need it to do, for safety, security and comfort.”

Sample Oomi uses include:

  • Wirelessly control electronics, home controls and a wide variety of Z-Wave enabled devices
  • Control home entertainment and other iR devices including heating and cooling systems
  • The ability to control 2-way cameras so users can view and interact with their home
  • Security control to provide additional levels of safety
  • Monitor security and smoke detectors via a glass break sensor and a noise sensor, allowing users to know when these systems have been activated and/or engaged
  • Sleep and exercise monitoring functionality
  • Air quality sensors that can gauge the quality of air in the home

Indiegogo Campaign Details:
Fantem is seeking support to complete the development and manufacturing of the Oomi Starter Kit with included Hub, Tablet and Plug.  Early Bird specials for the Starter Kit start at $229USD, a 50% discount off of the expected $449USD final retail price.  Additional reward levels include Z-Wave compatible accessories starting at $44 and various options for users to expand their experience beyond the Starter Kit; from $429 for a home entertainment focused package to $899 for a “whole home” experience.  The Oomi Indiegogo campaign can be viewed at: www.OomiHome.com/IGG

About Fantem
Fantem is a developer of innovative products and solutions for the home.  It is dedicated to the worldwide consumer adoption of smart home technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) through the development of home automation solutions that remove the complexity and frustration associated with existing systems.  Together with its global team of experts and partners, Fantem set out to create the first smart home management system that is not only the easiest to install, set-up, and use, but also the first smart home system that is actually smart.  The result of this effort, Oomi, is set to revolutionize the future of home automation, not only by positively impacting upon multiple areas (home safety and security, home environment and home entertainment) of users’ home lives, but by also making it accessible to the everyone – “a system designed for the rest of us!”.   Fantem is based in Chicago with offices and strategic partners spanning four continents. For more information, visit www.oomihome.com