ASUS is not fixing a security flaw in their Router Automatically

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ASUS is not fixing a problem that is considered a security flaw in any of their recent firmware updates. Do you have any of the features enabled that help with remote access to your files? Do you have Samba enabled? You are also opening up yourself to this vulnerability. Security experts are trying to contact ASUS to see if they are planning on fixing the issue, but no response yet. The “hacker” can see the entire hard drive that is connected to the router, even if you don’t have it shared out publicly. This goes for a bunch of ASUS routers and ASUS is slowly coming out with some patches but they have to manually fix the issues. Check out the link below from CNET.

“These types of attacks could be prevented if security was a higher priority in the router manufacturers software development life cycle,” Holcomb said. “At the end of the day, this is just the tip of the iceberg; with the amount of vulnerable network hardware comprising the internet infrastructure, people should count on more large scale attacks.”