Password managers explained, for everyone

I’m sure that everyone here uses a password manager. It’s the safest, smartest way to handle all of those massive, unique, credentials that we use for all of our digital assets. It is a bit of a pain to setup, and use on a daily basis, compared to going for the trusty “1234QWERTY!”, but totally worth it; as we all […]

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CPCR guide for DIY survelience system

I’ve been leaning heavilty towards building a DIY NVR solution. If you’ve also thought about it, but weren’t quite sure where to start – this is a great guide, even if you opt not to go with the hardware they selected.  Over the past few years, video surveillance has become increasingly popular in homes and businesses, and the reason for this […]

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Wi-Fi Alliance Finally Responds to WPS Vulnerability

WPS Logo

A couple of months ago, security researchers released details about a security vulnerability in Wi-Fi Protected Setup, the pin-based system for quickly and easily adding new devices to a Wi-Fi network. As it turns out, routers with WPS enabled are susceptible to a brute force attack that allows interested hackers access to the network in just a couple of hours. […]

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