Weekly Podcast Roundup, July 8th 2010

Here are the podcasts from this week, lots to choose from. Enjoy!

This week I have the audio from the 2nd UK Media Center/WHS user group
event last month. At the end of the event we had a Q&A session with a
great panel including The Green Button’s Pete Brown, Andrew Cherry,
Andrew Edney, Garry Whittaker, Simon May,Mark Lawson from DVBLogic and
myself. We chatted about topics like getting Media Center and Windows
Home Server working well together, Kinect with Windows Media Center,
DVBLogic and streaming media around the home.

Audio glitches pushed this episode back a day, but you had to know we’d
come through with the HD news. Hulu Plus and Netflix’s industry shakeup
continues and puts them at the top new position, followed by discussion
of Comcast’s multiroom DVR offering and how it compares to the
competition. Later we move to Media Center talk and whether or not
switching is a good idea for everyone and why (or why not), along with
an in depth breakdown of the responses submitted to the FCC about
CableCARD, and what will happen next.

More podcasts available after the break…. 



Trying to sell your house? Upgrade your home theater! What’s the difference between refresh rate and frame rate? Control your HTPC with your iPhone! And the Blu-ray releases for July 6th, 2010. Hulu Plus: HD and Living Room Friendly.

This month, Jere and I speak with Vince Anido and Alton Marschall, both Windows Home Server users.  Vince is a SageTV user who runs his WHS as a way to maintain backups.  Alton is a Media Center user who recently shut down his WHS and he goes into the reasons why during the show.  Both guys have a ton of experience working in the environment and they share the good and the bad.

This week, Derek joins us to discuss the future of not just Media Center, but where Microsoft’s entertainment segment is moving in general.  We cover Xbox, Windows Phone 7, online content, cable card, and of course, Media Center.

We all want great sounding home theaters. We spend our hard earned cash on receivers, speakers, subwoofers and TV/Projectors but one area many of us overlook is the actual room acoustics. Bare floors and walls can ruin an experience by allowing sound waves to bounce off these surfaces and create audio distortions. The net result is the most expensive systems will not live up to their potential. Acoustic treatments can absorb the sound waves and prevent echoes, reverberation, and audio distortion that reduce the enjoyment of your home theater. This discussion will focus on things you can do after the fact. If you are building a dedicated theater room you’ll want to incorporate acoustic elements into the design and construction of the room.

On my travels this week again but I still have a great show for you.
This week I am chatting about the Media Center and Home Server with
Andrew Endey and Garry Whittaker, we talk about the new Xbox and Kinect,
Windows Media Center in Windows Embedded, new Media Centers from
Tranquil and how to silence the Vuvuzalas