Weekly Podcast Roundup, July 22nd 2010

Enjoy the home theater podcasts from this week!

The guys interview MythTV developer Robert McNamara. Blu-Ray support implemented in MythTV. MythNetVision. Project reorganization of MythTV. The death of flash, Silverlight and hopes of HTML5 & Webm

This weeks show gets kicked off with some Blu-ray news as the details of two anticipated titles are reveled and then discussed as well as an very influential classic. Of course 3D comes up as we cover the update for PowerDVD, ESPN’s first 3D broadcast that was produced in house and the worst channel ever. In PS3 news we talk its 3D limitations and its new found ability to stream Hulu Plus content. That wasn’t the only Sony news though as we covered in depth how much (some of us) like the new Sony HD camcorder. Oh, and then do we ever get our soap box and let the world know how we feel about AllVid and those who appose it. We round the show out covering a few content related topics including Netflix coming to Canada, streaming devices and the first licensing deal for XStreamHD.

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YouTube Leanback, Can you wear 3D glasses on top of your own glasses? Bargain HD movies from iTunes! Why can’t software turn my 2D HDTV into a 3D HDTV? And the Blu-ray releases for July 20th, 2010.

It’s the week of mediocrity here on The Movie Podcast.  James and I take a look at three films and while none of them were awful, either bad acting or bad writing held them back from being great.  I really wanted to enjoy this week’s selection but it was more meh than anything else.  It’s unfortunate too because any one of these films could have been great very easily.

Will Ethenet HDBaseT Replace HDMI? DirecTV unveils a 24hr 3D Channel! Can upconverting a film to 3D look any good? Top 5 Superhero movies, and the Blu-ray releases for July 13th, 2010

Joining me this week is Andres Echevarria a Windows Media Center Enthusiast to talk about his Media Center system, the apps he used and his Media Center blog.  Andres has documented his experiences on his Media Center blog and he explains some of the decisions he made when designing his system

By integrating Life|ware into Microsoft Windows Media Center, you can build and manage your music collection, enjoy slideshows of your digital photos, schedule and record your favorite television programs, enjoy your home videos and watch DVDs. Life|ware has options to control a Kaleidscape system, VUDU, TiVo, or DirecTV? Life|ware controls all these and more from a single remote.

For the second week in a row Adam is off doing…well…maybe I don’t want to know what Adam is doing! He is however on a much a deserved vacation. We still have a great show this week for you though. Our regular listeners know that when it comes to digital media and how its produced and consumed in Europe, Adam and I aren’t what you would call “experts.” So this week we were able to convince a 100% certified Brit to stay up way past his bed time and come on our show.