Update for Windows 7 Media Center (KB981078) is now available

My main man Schreck from Microsoft’s Media Center team has posted word of a new Windows Update specially for Media Center. Grab it today if you’re experiencing any of the following issues. If your MCE is running flawless, I would not risk it…but that’s just my opinion.

  • Addresses an issue where, if DRM is revoked, an overly directs customers
    to Microsoft Update for appropriate update.
  • Addresses a significant Watson issue.  If the Windows Media Center
    database is corrupt, the backup database is referenced.  In this
    scenario, if setting up a manual recording with an invalid channel (per
    backup database), a crash can occur.
  • Addresses an issue where schedule data can disappear in regions that
    utilized in-band guide data.  For instance, this issue can affect DVB
  • Addresses a significant Watson issue where an invalid path for recorded
    TV location can result in a crash.