Congrats To The MediaPortal Team: Version 1.0 Is Finally Here!


As a ton of Media Center programs gain popularity, its easy to bypass the old stalwarts that have been in development for years and years :). Media Portal turned 4 this year and brought with it version 1.0 :). I have yet to try out MP this year, but I assume with the popularity of it that it must be quite stable. Getting a stable PVR core is easier said that done of course :).


In February 2004 Erwin Beckers (aka. Frodo) left the X-Box Media Center project to start a new project, now known as MediaPortal, that would run on the Microsoft Windows platform and not suffer from the limitations of the X-Box hardware. Initially, existing code was reused from the XBMC-project but after several releases and innumerable feature enhancements there has been almost a complete redesign.