Zalman ZM360B-APS Power Supply Review

Anymore it seems that the only PSU reviews out there are for units capable of lighting up Mayberry.  For HTPCers, though, there probably isn’t quite the need for those 1KW monsters so a look at something in the 300 – 400W range is always a welcome read. 

(On a side note: will I be sued for using the word ‘monster’ in this write up?) takes a pretty in-depth look (10 pages!) at the Zalman 360W PSU.  The reviewer is quite pleased with this "enrty level" (his words) PSU after putting it through its paces, plus some.

As thorough as the review is, emphasis on noise level readings is limited to the author’s unscientific judgement…he said it was quiet, which is typical for a non-SPCR review.  Nonetheless, Zalman has a pretty good reputation for consistently offering low noise solutions to the computer building masses, so there’s no reason to believe that this PSU is going to be a howler.

Hardware Secrets

After reviewing a lot of entry-level power supplies using complete obsolete designs it was a joy to see a low-end unit using an updated design with active PFC, power MOSFET transistors, four SATA power connectors (and not just two), two six-pin video card power connectors (and not only just one or even none), efficiency of at least 80% all the time and best of all, able to deliver its labeled power at 48º C.