Refurbished Sony CableCard TV Tuners

If you are in need of an addition DCT (digital cable tuner) for your CableCard ready PC, you can now check out Sont Style for a new tuner OR a $199 refurbsihed tuner. This is $100 off the standard $299 which makes it a lot better of a deal and even cheaper then Hauppauge’s upcoming HD-PVR.

Product Link 

A couple of things you should know.

1. You must have a CableCard ready PC that is only available from OEMs. They have a special BIOS and additional product key.

2. These TV Tuners have pretty high failure rates. The warranty for this product is 90 days. Do note that these typically arrive DOA rather then fail (as far as I can tell).

Here is a link to my CableCard Tip Of The Day . This has a link to Chris Laniers excellent CableCard FAQ.

I noticed that Floppyhead also has a write up on this, head on over there to see his thoughts as well.