Voice Control comes to the Living Room

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The Amulet Media Center makes it easy to record and watch TV, listen
to your favourite music, and view DVDs, videos and photos – all using
simple voice commands.

With modern cable and satellite
systems offering hundreds of digital channels, finding what you want to
watch can be difficult. With Amulet, you just say “Watch channel
Discovery” and the system tunes into the Discovery channel.

If you know Law and Order is on tonight, but aren’t sure what station,
say “Watch Program Law & Order”, and Amulet will find and display
it. Recording TV is just as easy.

The same approach
works for music. All your CDs are digitally stored on the Amulet
system, removing the need to insert discs. To listen to that new album
you bought last week, say “Play Artist Snow Patrol” and the music
starts to play. Whether you have 20 or 2000 CDs, Amulet will find what
you are looking for, removing the need to scroll through long menus of


The company has spent the last 18 months developing its own software
and voice activated remote control, which features patent-pending
technology to automatically sense when it is being spoken to. Voice
commands are then transmitted back to the Amulet Media Center which
responds accordingly.

Engineering Director Steve Collins
says, “Speech recognition technology has finally achieved the level of
accuracy needed for use in the home. With the Amulet voice-activated
remote control, we are the first company in the world to bring this
exciting new capability to the consumer market.”

The Amulet system case has been carefully engineered to compliment
any living room. It features an innovative built-in LCD touch-screen,
to display information such as album artwork for currently playing
music, news, weather, photo slideshows, and other information that can
be displayed separately from the main television screen.

Amulet Devices is based in Dublin, Ireland. More information is on their website at http://www.amuletdevices.com/