Turning My Unfinished Third Floor Into Our New Family Room: The Sketch


This sketch reflects the home theater related improvements I plan on making to my unfinished third floor. I’ve also elected to add Cat6 network drops to the four bedrooms on the second floor while I can still get behind the walls on the third floor. My reasoning behind this move is twofold. I wanted both the speed and reliability of a wired connection for streaming media to different points in my house and I also wanted to keep my wireless router on the second floor to ensure the best coverage for the whole house.

The third floor will be divided into two rooms: the main area and a storage room. The storage room will mostly house stuff like Christmas decorations, but it will also be where all my Cat6 cable terminates. My future Windows Home Server 2011 box will also live in there. I am running coaxial in there so that I can house my Ceton Infinitv4 in the WHS 2011 box. In the main area, the entertainment center will contain my receiver, PS3 and HTPC. My center speaker will sit on top with the left and right speakers on stands next to the entertainment center. I plan to mount my television to the wall behind the entertainment center. In the ceiling, I will mount four surround speakers behind the sectional in the main area. On the far wall, I’m planning on a bar. Behind the bar, I will mount two speakers and in the future a TV (possibly connected to an extender).

  • With all that space and a
    With all that space and a dedicated room why wouldn’t you go with a projector setup?

  • Make sure to take lots of

    Make sure to take lots of photos and post them here!  I love seeing start-to-finish theater room projects.

    Also, +1 for a projector.

  • yeah +1 for projector, seems

    yeah +1 for projector, seems like it would be a great fit. Not sure if you have any windows there, but that could be a risk.  I did a basement projector setup (on a tight budget) last year and I am loving it.

    Also, I would recommend putting all your gear, receiver, etc in the closet vs. an entertainment center.  It is a very clean look with just the screen and speakers.  It would be even cleaner if I would have put in in walls, but I didn’t want to give up the audio quality.  I have in ceiling speakers (monoprice) for my surrounds and those work great.

    I am looking forward to seeing the progress.

  • I would love to add a

    I would love to add a projector to this project but the funds just weren’t there. In my next post, I’ll show you guys the things I did buy though. And I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures once I start hooking everything up.