BenQ’s treVolo Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

Now that’s how you title a press release…a registered name which describes what’s happening. BenQ actually released this product back in December, but is featuring it as one of their products at CES. That physics problem I mentioned in one of my previous posts? This technology is one of the ways to overcome that in a small package – via […]

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D-Link Working on the entire home

D-Link announces a whole suite of products for connecting your home at CES this year. While I don’t see anything earth-shatteringly new in the product line, the specs on each product appear to be good to great and seem to balance performance and ease of use well. Links, product descriptions, and PR are all below.      D-Link Breaks Mold with […]

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E FUN Debuts DIY Nexturn Home Automation Line

As predicted, CES 2015 is full of new home automation products, ideas, and companies. Andrew is planning on spendind some time with E FUN, so please feel free to post questions for them in the comments and Andrew can update you on what E FUN has to say about their Nexturn products. You can find their website linked in the […]

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Amped Wireless ups its speed game again


Amped Wireless doesn’t even start shipping its highest speed wireless router until next week, and it is already announcing yet another product with even more speed. Its latest offering, shipping sometime this summer, boasts an estimated 4 times the range of a standard router and 16 signal amplifiers to help maintain a blazing fast connection. If it comes anywhere close […]

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Missing Remote @CES2015 – Twitter Coverage

Missing Remote CES Twitter Coverage

We try to Tweet cool things as we find them, and don’t always have time to do a full write up immediately. For those of you who don’t use Twitter we’ve embedded the stream below. If you do have Twitter you can follow @TechButton(Kyle Button), @babgvant(Andrew Van Til), @MikeGarcen(Mike Garcen), or @JohnMcMahon_(John McMahon) and we will be the guys on […]

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