Election Fun

Now, I know that title is an oxymoron, but hear me out.  It is once again the time that we Americans have been waiting for.  We are neck deep in another presidential election campaign and probably most of you can hardly wait until its over.  In the mean time, here’s a little election humor to tide you over.  

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Big and cutting edge displays reviewed

CNET are the lucky SOBs who got their hands on Samsung’s new 950 series LCD, this is their second generation local dimming LED backlight LCD set. This new technology is what is geting LCDs into Plasma territory for black levels, I talked about it recently in htpc_user’s thread about getting a new HDTV. Cnet was quite happy with the TV: CNET In short, […]

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AMD Introduces the ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series Graphics Cards


AMD announced the mid-range (and perfect for HTPC use) 4600 series cards today. Below are pertinant excerpts from their PR:  The ATI Radeon HD 4670 and ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics cards feature AMD’s TeraScale graphics engine, with 320 stream processing cores, and are based on AMD’s advanced second generation 55nm process. The result is that even in today’s most […]

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DVRMSToolbox & the TV Pack


Ouch, looks like some bad news for fans of DVRMS Toolbox who are using the TV Pack. Maybe THIS is why Microsoft released it to OEMs only BabGVant Anyone who’s installed the TV Pack and DTB should already know that automatic commercial skipping inside Media Center doesn’t work. While there are aspects of the DTB Addin that rely on unsupported […]

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Life With A Plugin Episode 15: Movie Collectorz

MCE_1_cover view_thumb.png

One of the absolutely huge benefits for using a media center is having the ability to catalog your DVD library digitally and have access to them anywhere in the house. The old stalwart of the Media Center world, MyMovies, is looking a little long in the tooth when you look at the sexy Media Portal skins, or even Apple’s Cover […]

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Universal MX-450 Remote

The folks over at S7V have Universal’s MX-450 on the test bench for a few rounds of flogging. Yes it is true, there are other universal remotes besides Harmony remotes. Not a lot of differences in your average remote, however, this one seperates itself byt offering PC-free programing, RF capabilities, and of course macro programming. S&V Pressing and holding the […]

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Top 10 WHS Add-ins For Aug 2008

The folks over at We Got Served have the top 10 most downloadable plugins for August 2008. 1. WHS Disk Management 2. Advanced Admin Console 3. Whiist 4. AutoExit 2008 for Windows Home Server 5. Duplication Info for Windows Home Server Above are the top five plugins, you will have to click through to get to the bottom five and […]

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An Introduction to Installing Ubuntu and Mythtv


For those of you that want to get your feet wet with Linux but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you.  Today I will be discussing the steps you need to go through in order to install Ubuntu Linux, based on version 8.04.1 desktop 386.  This guide will cover the steps performed to install Ubuntu, load the […]

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Xbox 360 Invites Everyone to Play

The Xbox price drops were a huge secret for us all ;). Of course this means you can get a 360 arcade for a Vista Extender for the cheap price of $199. Don’t plan on lots of file format support or DVD streaming, oh and there is that little problem of fan noise. Personally, I do not find the fan […]

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