The Media Center Show #130 – Squirrel Stash

No, Squirrel Stash isn’t where your college friends used to hide their less than legal substances! It’s an application for securely storing your pictures and other files from a 10′ Interface of Media Center, and they’re interviewed in this week’s Media Center Show podcast! Show Times: 00:56 Coming up this week 01:26 Join The Media Center Show Group on Facebook […]

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HP MediaSmart Server Review

I agree with the review. This type of equipment needs to be SIMPLE so that the non-techies (you know….90% of the population)can set it up and use it. USA Today Your idea of a "server" may well be one of those big computers managed by your company’s tech department. To Microsoft (MSFT) Chairman Bill Gates, servers represent something more: products […]

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HTPC Buying Guide: Processors


Let me start off by introducing our new article series here at Missing Remote. On a periodic basis, as technology moves on, we will be creating buying guides for each component of a HTPC. This is an effort of all editors here at Missing Remote with extra credit going to Matt for basically writing the guide. Of course, I need […]

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The Daily Button – November 7th, 2007

The original premise behind the Omaura/ Giveaway was to giveaway over a $1000 in prizes to the readers of I finally had a chance to add everything together and figured out that 1st prize alone will be worth $1700!! If that isn’t worth your time I don’t know what is :). As well, we are announcing a two week […]

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A/V Specs vs. Reality

Blu-Ray discs have 20 GB more space than HD-DVD, but does that equate to better sound/picture? Can lower bitrate video look better than higher bitrate video? Is lossless audio better than lossy audio? Find out on this weeks A/V Mythbusters 🙂 Highdefdigest The truth of the matter is that all video compression codecs have the same purpose, to accurately represent […]

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The Daily Button – Humpday Edition

I always feel good announcing a contest, it makes ya feel warm and fuzzy to give back and then bitter and cantankerous because I can’t enter. I am very happy to announce we have another contest going for the next two weeks. We have teamed up with PCAlchemy, our long time site sponsor, to give away two XGene wireless optical […]

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Snapstream BeyondTV 4.7 Update

BeyondTV 4.7

  Snapstream Beyond TV 4.7 On September 27, 2007 Snapstream released their latest version of Beyond TV and added a bunch of new fucntionality. Let’s take a quick look at some of the fun new toys they’ve bundled in. Snapstream has added some great new functionality in their latest release. Here’s the official line on what’s available: Automatically Sync Recordings […]

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PCAlchemy/ XGene Keyboard Giveaway


Here are the rules and regulations for the XGene Giveaway. Drawing Dates: November 11th, 2007 at 8:00 PM MST and  November 18th, 2007 at 8:00 PM MST Prizes: 1 XGene Wireless MCE Keyboard with Optical trackball given away on each drawing date.  Contest is open to US residents only Follow this link to the XGene product page and send […]

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